New documentary: Democracy Road

democracy-road-foto_01Our new documentary Democracy Road, directed by Turid Rogne and produced by Elisabeth Kleppe, recently premiered in competition at Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF).  The film is a co-production with Laika Film and Television AB in Sweden and follows the journalists of the radio- and TV-station DVB, who after 20 years in exile in Norway are returning to their homeland to establish their independent news station there. Editor-in-chief Aye Chan Naing and reporter Than Win Htut have dreamt about this for years, but their struggle for democracy is not over yet. Although Myanmar has become a democracy in the name, the machinery of the old dictatorship is still running, seeing journalism as a threat.

Democracy Road is a follow-up to the Rogne’s previous film The Voice of Burma (2011) that portrayed DVB’s time in exile in Norway, and starts where the past film ended with the introduction of democratic reform in 2011-2012. Democracy Road follow the journalists through five critical years of transition until opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her party NLD takes over government in 2016.


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